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“Waking Up To A 20/20 Vision: Yesterday I had lasik done from Dr. Paul C. Lee and not even 24 hours I can see and drive with no glasses or contacts. Thank you Dr. Lee for your amazing work and your beautiful and lovely staff.”
– Shall F.

“When it comes to lasik, THIS is the place you want to go. This office has the most advanced medical devices. They ran so many tests on my eyes prior to surgery and they explained everything to Me every step of the way. Day of surgery was quick and easy! After one day I was sure I had made the best decision with this doctor and office.”
– Angela M.

HIGHLY impressed with this place! Working in the healthcare industry myself, I was watching out for everything from office friendliness (from check in to check out), cleanliness, wait time, access & availability, etc. And let me tell you, they checked all the boxes! The only downside is, once you leave the office you start wishing all your other healthcare providers functioned the same way!
– S.K.

I had ICL surgery about two months ago and everything has been great. The staff was courteous and professional. The follow up visits are included in the price of surgery. I am recommending CCRS to family members.
-Sandy M.

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I have had poor vision my entire life–glasses since age 7, contacts since age 12. My prescription was up to -13, and my vision was so bad that I was told I did not qualify for lasik. Without contacts, I would not be able to see the features of someone’s face–just a skin-colored blur. That is why it is crazy amazing to me that I now wake up with perfect vision. After RLE surgery with a LASIK touchup, I can now see better than I ever did with contacts….. It really feels like a miracle.
– Naeun R.

I rarely write reviews but I wanted to do so for Dr. Lee to show respect and appreciation. Today is my first day after surgery and I’m seeing 20/15! I made the 3 1/2 hour drive from Fresno and took 2 days off from work just to have Dr. Lee do my LASIK. I couldn’t be happier I did. I chose Dr. Lee on recommendation from a friend who’d had the procedure done by him. He’s a superb ophthalmologist. He was so careful with my eyes and made recommending the right treatment option (not the most expensive or profitable for him) his priority like a great doctor should. His staff was extremely well trained, accommodating, and professional. They made scheduling easy. In all the times I had to call to get things arranged coming from out of town there was literally only 1 time the phone was not picked up within 1 ring. I was able to get booked at a time that worked for me from over 200 miles away before I even got a proper call back from any local office closer to home. So impressed. Thank you Dr. Lee! Best, Harrison
– Harrison F.

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