Pentacam Corneal Analyzer

Pentacam AXL Corneal Analyzer

Pentacam AXL Corneal Analyzer is the gold standard in evaluating the health of the cornea and the anterior segment of the eye. Through the revolutionary Scheimpflug technology, Pentacam AXL Corneal Analyzer reconstructs the most accurate 3D image of the eye based on which precise measurements and analysis are performed. It is able to detect early and subtle abnormalities of the cornea and provide spatial measurements that help Dr. Paul C. Lee to recommend the most suitable surgical option for his patients.

The test is non-contact and is allows comparative analyses, utilizing information from its extensive database to detect any subtle deviation from the norm. These features of Pentacam AXL Corneal Analyzer ensure most accurate and safest evaluation for laser vision correction surgery, ICL, and refractive cataract surgery.


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