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Contoura or T-CAT stands for Topography-guided Custom Ablation Treatment. Contoura (T-CAT) is the LASIK at its highest precision, perfected over 20 years of laser vision correction experience and knowledge.

This technology combines the two most essential concepts in laser vision correction: wavefront and topography. During the corneal analysis, VARIO Topolyzer collects 22,000 reference points that are analyzed to detect the most subtle corneal abnormalities. This information is then seamlessly transferred to Wavelight EX500 excimer laser for extremely precise laser sculpting of the cornea. The result is true customization in laser vision correction that addresses the most subtle imperfections found in each eye.

In the FDA study, Contoura (T-CAT) results have exceeded other LASIK procedures, with the highest rate of vision better than 20/20, the highest rate of patients seeing better than with their glasses or contact lenses, and the highest rate of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Paul C. Lee, at CCRS, has been performing Contoura/T-CAT LASIK since its FDA approval in 2015.


It has been shown that more people see 20/20 or better with Contoura LASIK than with standard LASIK. Furthermore, many people achieve incredible clarity and sharpness that allow them to see 20/15 or better.


Bladeless Wavefront

Small Incision Lenticule
Extraction (SMILE)

Implantable Collamer
Lens (ICL)

Refractive Cataract

Refractive Lens
Exchange (RLE)


Keratectomy (PRK)

Corneal Collagen
Cross-Linking (CXL)


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Contoura LASIK is also known as Topography-guided custom ablation treatment or TCAT . In this custom LASIK, exact and detailed information of the patient’s cornea is obtained using a topography device called Topolyzer. This information is used to treat very subtle abnormalities that exist in the human cornea in an attempt to bring out the best visual outcome.
In Contoura LASIK, additional analysis is performed to determine subtle abnormalities that exist in the human cornea. The result of this detailed evaluation is then incorporated into the treatment plan giving the patient the most advanced laser vision correction. In an FDA study, it was found that people who had Contoura LASIK had a higher chance of seeing better than 20/20 than Wavefront LASIK.
Contoura LASIK costs $2500 per eye.